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Emotional Learning
Discover the Difference it Makes in your Child

by : Tiffany Tunnell
posted on : 5/13/2014

Last month we wrote an article about Jake, a 5th grader, and his mom, Julie, who came to MathRise® Learning Centers because Jake was running away from school, failing math, and acting out towards his teachers. Jake’s overall personality had changed so much that Julie knew he needed help in a major way.

I am happy to report that after just just a few months at MathRise®, Jake really did change. Not just academically, but also socially. Jake, once a very unhappy student, currently loves attending MathRise® and is performing well in school. He is invested in his learning and takes pride in his academic achievements by sharing his mastered class work with the MathRise® Learning Centers team. So exactly how did MathRise® turn around this failing child in a matter of a few months?

According to Maurice J. Elias, author of the book Promoting Social and Emotional Learning, successful learning is based around the concept of children understanding and managing their emotions, and expressing them in a healthy, constructive manner. Although nearly every student has the potential to exceed academically and nearly all want to succeed, why is it that very few actually do?

The answer - Because social and emotional learning is complex, consisting of five major core components:

  • Self-awareness
  • Self-management
  • Social awareness
  • Relationship skills
  • and Responsible decision making

In order for children to be successful in life they must first have confidence and optimism. Next, they need to learn how to motivate themselves towards achieving goals. Then, they need to know where to get social support when it is needed. Further, they must learn how to establish healthy and rewarding relationships. Last, but not least, comes responsible decision making.

With customizable, yet structured one-on-one learning, MathRise® instructors are trained to mentor students by constantly praising their achievements and by connecting with them in an emotional way. MathRise® students work at their own pace, setting individualized learning goals, but lessons are presented in a pattern-based way so students retain information better and gain confidence quicker! One-on-one classes are key - they give students the individual attention they need and the reassurance they desire without unwanted peer pressure.

Remember Jake, the kid who hated school and was running away? His change started with a small gain in confidence. Everyone, regardless of age, grade level, or ability needs confidence. Confident students become optimistic about the future when they excel on a regular basis. They begin to believe in themselves, which brings great joy to their parents, teachers, and everyone around them.

Almost always, within just a few classes, MathRise® families start noticing a real transformation! It’s part of the culture of success that MathRise® creates in students. Students who were once academically challenged, disengaged, and frustrated are taught how to set learning goals, how to complete homework assignments regularly, and how to actually want to learn!

With confidence, optimism, and goals, emotional needs seem to just fall into place. All children can benefit from the outside assistance that MathRise specializes in. To find out more about how MathRise Learning Centers can help your child to realize their full potential, visit a MathRise® location near you.

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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

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