About MathRise

A Better way to teach

MathRise® started with a simple statement:  “There must be a better way to teach math.”  Determined to teach his own children the fundamentals of mathematics in a way that they could easily understand, Todd Crosner (MathRise® Founder) began teaching math to his first-born son* utilizing short interactive one-on-one lessons. These lessons kick-started the development of materials and the guiding principles that would become the MathRise Method of teaching.

* Todd’s oldest son mentioned above went on to become the #1 math and science student in the district, scored 100% on the physics ACT, and missed only one question on the SAT math exam, winning the highly regarded Kiwanis Award at his schools S.T.E.M. Expo in the process.

MathRise® is an academic program like no other

MathRise® is the result of nearly two decades of research and a decade of hands-on teaching experience. The MathRise Method is a proven method based on the fact that when mathematics and reading are taught properly through the use of simple, knowable patterns; even 4 year olds get it and they gain incredible confidence too! This confidence propels students to love learning, focus better, and achieve more.

The MathRise Method empowers students to become confident self-learners through guided one-on-one instruction. Unlike other programs, instruction at MathRise® is always one-on-one. Each individualized lesson builds on principles taught in previous lessons. Every time a student conquers a new challenge, their confidence grows! Mr. Crosner believes this is the best way of teaching math and reading foundational skills to children. This method can help your child, too.

Personal Math & Reading instruction from Preschool to College

MathRise’s proven approach advances students on a path toward becoming the independent, self-confident individuals all parents hope for. At MathRise® each child learns at their own individual pace and in their own unique way. MathRise® utilizes a four-phase learning plan designed specifically for each student which includes an assessment evaluation, creation of a structured personalized learning plan, individualized 1-on-1 sessions, and constant review of past material.

Today, the core philosophy at MathRise® remains simple: provide confidence through mastery of basic foundational skills. MathRise® believes all children can be successful students.

“We have yet to meet a child who has not improved as a result of our training.”

Todd Crosner
MathRise Founder