Benefits of Summer Programs by : Rachel Gliss posted on : 4/28/2016 4:33:58 PM During the summer months, many children have up to 8 hours of free, available time each day.  This free time generally can cause children to lose interest in academics or learning, and in turn, to lose precious skills that were being, Read More

A Positive Mindset – Boosting Your Child’s Confidence by : Rachel Gliss posted on : 2/23/2016 9:28:07 AM Does your child love mathematics? Or, are you one of many parents who struggle to get through it at home. Over the years, the subject of math has created a reputation for causing anxiety, loss of self-esteem,, Read More

Epic Fail: First AzMERIT scores released by : Rachel Gliss and Tiffany Tunnell posted on : 12/26/2015 7:24:37 AM Last Spring, for Arizona school children in grades 3rd to 8th, the AzMERIT test replaced the AIMS test in the subjects of Mathematics, Language Arts, and Writing. The new test was largely based on Common Core, Read More

Board Games Help Children Learn! by : Rachel Gliss posted on : 11/9/2015 5:58:42 AM Have you ever seen your child shut down when trying to solve a puzzle or do something difficult? How about seeing your child struggle to recall basic math facts? Did you know that playing board games could improve your child’s, Read More

Get Prepared for Back to School! by : Tiffany Tunnell posted on : 7/31/2015 10:20:02 AM As summer winds down in the Valley, it’s time to start thinking about school! I know, it seems as though school just ended, so here are some tips over the next few weeks that can reduce back to school, Read More

Chess Camp by : Tiffany Tunnell posted on : 6/7/2015 7:00:42 AM MathRise is offering Chess Camps this summer for children to learn to play chess. Chess lessons will be held at the Litchfield Park, Arizona location. Call 623-536-7679 to sign your child up for Summer Chess Camp.

School Choice by : Tiffany Tunnell posted on : 4/27/2015 4:58:39 PM One of the most important decisions a parent can make is their child’s education. Traditionally, families looking for quality education would move into neighborhoods with top rated public schools so their children could get a good education at a nominal cost.  During the, Read More

How Less IS MORE! by : Tiffany Tunnell posted on : 3/2/2015 11:50:25 AM Have you noticed a decline in your child’s learning skills?  Do you wish your child was better prepared?  Imagine this – What if you could see dramatic improvement in your child’s learning while spending less time actually teaching? That’s exactly what, Read More

This Isn’t the Math We Grew Up With! by : Tiffany Tunnell posted on : 1/28/2015 2:47:15 PM It’s 6:00 pm on a Wednesday. You look across the table to find your child distraught over their latest math assignment. You know what I am talking about. That “brow furrowed with frustration” look, the watery eyes, Read More

AzMERIT Test to Replace AIMS by : Tiffany Tunnell posted on : 12/29/2014 4:15:41 PM This Spring, Arizona will be making a dramatic shift which will impact every public school student and their families.  Starting in March 2015, all schools receiving state funding will be replacing the AIMS test with a new “online” testing system, Read More