Enrichment Programs

Advanced Enrichment Programs Beyond Grade Level

If your child is excelling at school, but isn’t being challenged, they can benefit from Advanced Enrichment Programs at MathRise®. Whether your child is gifted or they are complaining about being bored on school, there are plenty of options available to keep your excelling student engaged and interested in learning at their unique pace.

Often, the learning pace at school can be too slow for gifted students and they become bored or feel isolated because they’re unable to develop their full potential as quickly as they would like. When this occurs they run the very real risk of becoming uninterested in schoolwork altogether. MathRise® Enrichment Programs offer a one-on-one learning environment tailored to your child’s learning abilities and they are designed to propel the learning experience beyond current grade level coursework.

Our instructors create lessons that are fun engaging, and fast-paced. We encourage students to ask questions and participate in hands-on learning activities. Our goal at MathRise® is to create well-rounded, exceptional students – to create the leaders of the future.

How will MathRise® Enrichment Program help my child?

  • Keeps students interested, engaged, and focused
  • Improves test-taking ability
  • Creates strong study skills and habits
  • Prepares students for middle school, high school. and college
  • Reinforces self-learning and self-discipline
  • Improves problem solving, critical thinking, and pattern recognition skills
  • Develops time-management skills