Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

These are the most frequently asked questions at MathRise® Learning Centers

1. Why is your name MathRise® and why is your logo a rocket?

MathRise® is not just a classroom, it’s a fun, adventurous journey to the top. The MathRise® logo is a rocket because the MathRise® Method accelerates unlimited intellectual growth in our students.   In general, this growth happens much faster than competing programs.

2. What times are available for learning?

Generally speaking, we are available 6 days a week at MathRise Learning Centers (Monday – Saturday), by appointment. Since our hours vary in summer versus the school year, check our website and Facebook pages for up to date office hours.

3. Will MathRise® Learning Centers help my child succeed?

MathRise® Learning Centers helps students to develop a love for learning that lasts a lifetime. We have a proven track record of providing One-on-One learning tailored to how your child learns. We believe that training and practice, coupled with positive reinforcement, helps students to achieve their full potential.

4. What makes the MathRise® Method so effective?

First, we teach pattern recognition and number recognition skills better than any other program.  Next, we train students how to use these newfound skills to reach their desired goals.  Then, we mentor them to become leaders by growing their confidence, self-esteem, and their ability to communicate with others.

5. Do you use various methods to teach my child?

We understand every child learns differently and different types of learners (Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic, Written) require different approaches. The MathRise® curriculum is tailored to your child’s preferred method of learning — this improves attention and retention, accelerates learning, and improves overall self-confidence.

6. Will my child get the attention he or she needs?

There is no substitute for One-on-One learning!  Our teachers are guaranteed to give your child the personalized program they deserve, addressing your child’s specific academic needs and preferred method of learning. Others tutoring services typically use group settings with standard “one size fits all” programs.  While this approach may work for some children, it is bound to fail others. We provide every student with an attentive instructor whose core mission is to improve your child’s confidence, focus, and self-esteem, while building their knowledge base.  Schedule a MathRise® Skills Assessment for your child today and discover how,  working together, we can improve your child’s future.

7. How long will my child need to attend MathRise®?

Ever child is different. Likewise, every parent has different goals and desires for their children. The length of time a child attends MathRise® will depend on the academic goals set jointly by our instructors and you.

8. My child doesn’t like math. Can MathRise® help?

Yes. If your child has lost interest in math, this crisis situation must be quickly addressed. There are a lot of reasons children fall behind in school. Many simply lose confidence when their schoolwork becomes difficult. This lack of confidence turns into an incorrect belief they just aren’t smart enough to do the work. MathRise® instructors take a personal interest in re-building the self-esteem and confidence in every student we teach. We verbally praise all of our students and take the necessary time to reinforce the importance of academic success.

9. What is the cost of the MathRise® programs?

Our pricing is competitive with other learning programs.  Pricing will be discussed at the parent conference, which follows the MathRise® Skills Assessment.

10. My child is gifted. Do you have gifted programs at MathRise®?

Yes, We love working with amazing children. We believe there is no limit to what children can learn.  In short periods of time, we have been able to help many gifted children achieve learning levels two to four years above their chronological age.  In fact, several of our students will be ready for Algebra before age 10.

11. What ages of students are accepted at MathRise®?

MathRise® programs are available to students from ages 4 to adult. What makes MathRise unique is the belief that young children can be trained to master very difficult problems at much earlier ages.

12. Why is MathRise® a better choice than private tutoring?

MathRise® has a strict policy of hiring the best possible teachers.  While many private tutors are very book smart and many excel at problem solving, teaching students is a totally different task.  Many private tutors will help students get through their homework with a band-aid type of approach, which doesn’t use a specific, proven curriculum and
method that builds foundational skills from the bottom up. That is what really separates MathRise®. The MathRise® method is the best way for children to learn.  It is proven to help children succeed in a much shorter time than competing programs.  Our students often see across the board gains in all subject areas as a result of attending MathRise®.

13. Will my child get homework at MathRise®?

Yes, we have a database of over 1000 worksheets which have been designed by MathRise® staff and support the MathRise® curriculum.   These worksheets are assigned to our students as they learn new concepts and review prior material.

14. How do I get started?

Every MathRise® student starts by taking a MathRise® Skills Assessment which pinpoints their strengths and weaknesses, as well as flaws in technique. The results of the Assessment Test provide our instructors with a roadmap to develop a personalized one on one learning program for your child.  Schedule an assessment today by clicking below