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About The Glendale Tutoring Center


Ms. Tiffany holds an Undergraduate Degree in Elementary Education and a Masters degree in Educational Leadership and Supervision and is a credentialed middle school math and science honors teacher.

From 2010 to 2012, Ms. Tiffany was one of 50 teachers hand selected to serve as members of the Curriculum Cabinet, a select group of teachers in charge drafting, writing, and editing the curriculum for her school district.

In 2011-2012, Ms. Tiffany’s students had the highest percentage of students passing the Algebra Placement Exam in her entire school district, as many of her students increased their AIMS scores from “Meets” to “Exceeds”.

Ms. Tiffany has actively devoted her life to educating others.   At the MathRise® Glendale Tutoring Center, Ms. Tiffany is in charge of curriculum creation, scheduling, and teacher training.  Outside of MathRise, Ms. Tiffany enjoys local community events, running, hiking, dog training, reading, and staying active.

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