Graduating Scholars

Knowledge, focus, and confidence that continually grows

Upon assessment, MathRise® instructors quickly establish where your child is mathematically and phonetically.  We try to understand how your child thinks, how they learn, and what their learning strengths and weaknesses are.

Based on the assessment results, we create a personalized learning plan tailored to your child.  Next, we focus on correcting existing issues, one by one, and solidifying all the foundational skills needed to excel in mathematics and language arts.

This is where the real fun begins for both students and parents.  Our guided, structured curriculum quickly teaches students; expanding their knowledge, and improving their overall confidence in a big way, using a unique, pattern-based approach.

MathRise® students, as young as age 4, enroll in the Mathematics Young Scholars Program.  This program teaches students how to skip count and recognize basic patterns.  Students also learn techniques which allow them to add, subtract, multiply, and divide large numbers quickly.  When students are ready, they move on to fractions, decimals, percentages, and mixed numbers.  In the process, students develop a strong foundation for critical thinking.

Problem solving is another major concern for most children.  Our curriculum is loaded with word problems of all kinds, ranging from very basic to extremely difficult, to make sure your child is well prepared, in advance, to perform well on tests like AIMS, and in various school curriculums like Common Core, Saxon, and Singapore Math.

On the language arts side, our Language Arts Young Scholars Program teaches grammar, spelling, pronunciation, sentence structure, and reading comprehension using a Phonics-based approach that also uses patterns.  We have taught children as young as 4 years old to read books fluently, well above their natural grade levels.

For most children, the Young Scholars programs move through curriculum at a rate two to three times quicker than most schools.  Many children are able to learn up to 3 grade levels of material in each 1 year at MathRise®.  Watching our students grow academically gives us great satisfaction and joy, while providing our students with great confidence, and providing you with the assurance of knowing your child is well prepared for their future.

Upon completion of the Young Scholars Program, MathRise® students graduate to the Junior Scholars Program, which equates to Middle School level coursework.  Junior Scholars are introduced to Algebra and Geometry, graphing, polynomials, and quadratic formula.  Junior Scholars become well equipped with the necessary knowledge, focus, and confidence to succeed in Middle School.

By the time Junior Scholars graduate to the Senior Scholars Program, the foundation of success is already engrained.  Senior Scholars focus on advanced courses like College Algebra, Advanced Geometry, Trigonometry, Calculus, Physics, and Statistics.  The Senior Scholars Program culminates with ACT and SAT test preparation, ensuring MathRise® students have the skills, focus, and confidence necessary to do their very best on these tough college entrance exams.

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