Litchfield Park Tutoring Team

MathRise® ~ Litchfield Park, Arizona

The MathRise® of Litchfield Park tutoring team have the experience and the expertise to teach math and reading One-to-One in a way that not only makes learning fun, but also improves fundamental skills and overall academic confidence.

Tiffany Tunnell, Executive VP of MathRise® and
Branch Manager – Litchfield Park, AZ

Ms. Tiffany holds an Undergraduate Degree in Elementary Education and a Masters degree in Educational Leadership and Supervision and is a credentialed middle school math and science honors teacher.

From 2010 to 2012, Ms. Tiffany was one of 50 teachers hand selected to serve as members of the Curriculum Cabinet, a select group of teachers in charge drafting, writing, and editing the curriculum for her school district.
In 2011-2012, Ms. Tiffany’s students had the highest percentage of students passing the Algebra Placement Exam in her entire school district, as many of her students increased their AIMS scores from “Meets” to “Exceeds”.

Ms. Tiffany has actively devoted her life to educating others. At MathRise, Ms. Tiffany is in charge of curriculum creation, scheduling, and teacher training. Outside of MathRise, Ms. Tiffany enjoys local community events, running, hiking, dog training, reading, and staying active.

Stephanie Chung, MathRise® Teacher

Miss Stephanie is a senior at Millennium High School who is taking very rigorous courses through the International Baccalaureate, as well as online college classes at Rio Salado. Last year, she participated in the district STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) Exposition, winning a $4,000 scholarship for first place. She has been tutoring students at both high school and college levels since the eighth grade. Her favorite school subjects are Math and English, with Physics coming in at a close third.

Miss Stephanie loves teaching at MathRise because it keeps her math skills sharp and gives her a chance to help kids learn to enjoy math. Keeping busy is easy, as she is in the National Honor Society and competes on Millennium’s A Team for Scholastic Bowl. She enjoys reading, writing, and playing clarinet when she has the time.

Susan Tatlow, MathRise® Teacher

Miss Susan has a Bachelor’s degree in Inclusive Childhood Education from New York’s Houghton College. After traveling and teaching abroad in Seoul, South Korea, Miss Susan studied to earn a Master’s degree in Literacy at Canisius College. She holds teaching certifications in early childhood and elementary grades, as well as those required to be a professional Literacy Coach and Response to Intervention teacher.

A recent transplant to the Phoenix area, Miss Susan teaches kindergarten within the Glendale Elementary School District and tutors students in reading and writing at MathRise. She enjoys and appreciates the opportunity to encourage, connect, challenge and support children of all ages as they pursue knowledge and deeper understanding towards identifying and achieving personal growth in areas of interest and passion.

Jacob Bourgogne, MathRise® Teacher

Mister Jacob is a current high school senior at Brophy College Preparatory, a private Jesuit institution. He is currently taking a full course load of Honors and Advanced Placement curriculums, as well as a handful of college courses. He is going to continue his education at the Barrett Honors College at Arizona State University.

Mister Jacob has been involved in tutoring since eight grade and has tutored all ages, from kindergarten to High school seniors. He also works in Special Olympics at a national level and is looking into becoming a doctor. His philosophy is centered around helping those in need and he finds tutoring to be one of the most rewarding experiences.