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13331 West Indian School Road
Suite b-201
litchfield Park, AZ 85395
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About the MathRise® Learning Center Litchfield Park Location

MathRise Learning Centers Litchfield Park was founded in 2011 by Mr. Todd Crosner. The MathRise Method began with Mr. Crosner’s curiosity about why he is great at math and why most people aren’t. Mr. Crosner believes that most successful people start learning their trade at ridiculously young ages. Mr. Crosner further believes this early learning gives them a lot more practice, which ultimately makes them better at what they do. As a result of his research, Mr. Crosner tested his theories by initially teaching his own children and was shocked at how quickly they learned and understood patterns. From there, MathRise, formerly Elite Mathematics Academy, was born!

Since opening MathRise Learning Centers in Litchfield Park, the MathRise program have impacted over 1,000 kids. Mr. Crosner and his staff have personally volunteered at Palm Valley Elementary and Mabel Padgett Elementary schools in the Litchfield Elementary School District. During their volunteer hours, the MathRise team taught skip counting to children ages 5 – 8 years old, earning Todd the nickname “Mr. Math Man” to the schoolchildren. In addition to volunteering in local schools, Mr. Crosner and his team believe in helping out in local community events. MathRise donates items for silent auctions, for school and community events, and has even helped with the L.E.S.D. math challenge and the Millenium High School STEM Expo.

MathRise Learning Center Litchfield Park is located at 13331 W Indian School Rd Suite B 201. The facility is nestled in the northwest corner of the Coldwater Station Shopping complex, just south of central Litchfield Park. The shopping center, located just 2 miles north of the I-10 freeway and 5 miles west of the Loop 101 serves residents of Litchfield Park, Palm Valley, Pebble Creek and surrounding west valley communities. The shopping complex caters to active and involved families looking to enrich their children through after school activities such as MathRise Learning Center, Steppin’ Out Dance Studio, Coldwater Music School, and Elite Tae Kwon Do Academy.

Todd Crosner, MathRise® Founder and CEO

Mr. Todd is the founder of MathRise® Learning Centers and the creator of the MathRise® Method of tutoring. The MathRise® Litchfield Park Tutoring Center was the first location to open and is the proving ground for all new curriculum and product developement.

The MathRise® Method is the result of over two decades of hands-on experience with proven success.

Mr. Todd has dedicated himself to helping children learn and master math and reading through One-to-One tutoring in a way that improves fundamental skills and overall confidence.

For the past several years, Mr. Todd has volunteered in kindergarten and first grade classes at several local elementary schools, coaching students through skip counting and basic math skills.

Mr. Todd also enjoys playing board games and is a nationally ranked Backgammon player and winner of the California State Championship (pictured above with trophy).

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