Children shouldn’t have to struggle with basic mathematics.

Many children struggle in math due to an incorrect teaching order and a de-emphasis on math in early childhood development.

MathRise® Learning Center, with it’s unique teaching method, was founded with the core mission of helping students gain confidence to excel in mathematics.

What makes MathRise® different?

Our unique teaching method

Step by step, we’ll teach your child math using our unique method:

First, We assess your child to find areas of strength and weakness.

Second, we create your child’s personalized learning curriculum.

Third, we rebuild and strengthen your child’s basic math knowledge.

Fourth, we progress your child and propel them forward in learning.

One-on-One Learning

  1. One-on-One Learning can help advanced students to remain challenged.
  2. One-on-One Learning can help students who have performed poorly on yearly standardized tests.
  3. One-on-One Learning can help students with learning disabilities to master subjects and study skills.
  4. One-on-One Learning can help all children gain knowledge and confidence quickly.

From ages 4 and up MathRise® has a program that will improve your child’s math skills:

  • Young Scholars Program – Pre-k and kinder
  • Young Scholars Program – Elementary School Tutors
  • Juniors Scholars Program – Middle School Tutors
  • Seniors Scholars Program – High School Tutors

Every child has a unique learning style, MathRise® teachers can quickly identify and take advantage of each child’s individual learning style.  Lessons are taught in a way they fully understand, this can often unlock previous roadblocks and setbacks.

Let us create a personalized education program designed to unlock your child’s full learning potential.