MathRise® Parents

The key to a student’s academic success

MathRise® believes in the power of proactive parenting – The power of taking an active role in your child’s education.

Parental support has been found to be a key contributor to every child’s academic success.  As parents, we dream of teaching our children everything we know – how to be successful, how to be smart, how to get good grades in school.  But let’s be honest – careers, hectic schedules, running errands non-stop, answering phone calls and email, staying in touch with family, illnesses – it never seems to end.

At the end of the day, do you still have time to teach your child math?  Do you even understand how the schools are trying to teach it to your child?  If not, you’re not alone. Usually, the curriculums themselves are poorly designed, and not taught in a manner that makes sense.  Many children actually end up hating math as a result of poor curriculum.

That’s where MathRise comes in.  We are here to help.  Not only will we show your child how to become a leader in their classroom, we will also show you how you can help too.  We are here for you, every step of the way; to support, guide, and teach; and we will make it fit in your busy schedule.

Remember, the most important and consistent teacher your child will have in his or her life is YOU.  Children learn from our example. They observe and emulate what we do and what we teach.  When we stress as ideal as valuable, our children will likely also regard the ideal as valuable.  This is why as parents and teachers, we must stress the importance of learning and the importance of confidence and leadership.  We must also provide them with the tools to achieve success.

If you haven’t already, now is the perfect time to instill in your child the value and importance of gaining strong mathematical skills. Strength through knowledge will provide confidence and greater future opportunities for your child.  Getting ahead of the curve at a young age, and remaining there requires effort.  MathRise is here to help ensure your child is prepared for their future.

Let’s work together, you and us, as a team, to make sure the academic goals you have set for your child are being achieved and even exceeded.  When you surround your child with positive influences, combined with the structured focus of the MathRise® curriculum, the odds of your child’s success will skyrocket.

Stop by your local MathRise® Learning Centers so we work together to create a personalized curriculum customized to your child’s learning needs.