The MathRise® Student Experience

MathRise® Learning Centers are on a Mission to Change the Way Kids Think!

After nearly two decades of research and several years of real-life, hands on experience, we have reached some inescapable conclusions:

  • Mathematics is taught to children in an incorrect order.
  • Pattern recognition skills are being underdeveloped in most children.
  • Many fundamental, foundational concepts in mathematics and language arts are taught way too late.
  • Constant changes in national mathematics standards, teaching curriculums, and testing techniques have done little to help students achieve the desired results.
  • With class sizes swelling in most schools, it is difficult for teachers to focus on your child.

At MathRise® Learning Centers, we solve these problems by preparing your child for success at earlier ages and by providing them with the foundational, patterning skills they will need to succeed in life.

The student experience at MathRise® is both fun and challenging. The vast majority of our students look forward to attending MathRise® and to learning use our unique, proven approach.

People thought we were crazy when we said we are changing the way math is taught. Now, they are watching it happen.

At MathRise®, we help average children become extraordinary students. We really do change the way kids think – Give us a try, you will be glad you did.