What Proud Parents are Saying

Local parents are taking notice and starting to talk about the amazing results their children are achieving at MathRise® Learning Centers.

Whether your child is struggling in their academic studies or getting straight A’s, our tutoring goal is to have your child attain a proficiency of at least one to two grade levels above their current grade. At MathRise®, this is a realistic goal.

Take a look for yourself and see what all the buzz is about….


When my daughter was in kindergarten, MathRise® tutors would visit her class. She would come home counting by 5s and 10s and I thought, “how cute.” Soon, she could count by 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s, 6s, 7s, 8s, 9s, 10s, 11s, & 12s!

Sure, that’s pretty good for Kindergarten. It also empowered her to figure out multiplication and division, just by using the tools that MathRise Learning Center® taught her. Now, halfway through 1st grade, she is doing A+ work in math and can do 3rd and 4th grade math, too. MathRise Learning Center’s® class is a fantastic and fun way to learn math and gain confidence in a child’s early academic career.

Dolores – Parent

Isabelle is already singing away!
After just one lesson you could see the excitement and light in her eyes!

Jennifer – Parent

We are amazed with the extraordinary progress that Andrea has had in the last three months. When Andrea started tutoring she was at the brink of being retained in first grade. In just a few weeks her progress was such that she actually made it to second grade and with the advanced knowledge that she now has gained from skipcounting she can subtract two digits with borrowing and add numbers in the thousands. We are sure she is going to be a confident 2nd grade student once the new year starts.

We have continued with tutoring over the summer because it keeps Andrea challenged with continuous progress. We help Andrea at home to reinforce what they teach her at MathRise®. The tutors at MathRise® have not only taught Andrea how to learn math, but they have also taught me, her Mom, how to help her – and that is “Priceless”. We truly appreciate the extra mile the MathRise®team has gone with Andrea. We are very grateful and satisfied with the investment we have made in Andrea’s education.

Perla and Agustin Salinas – Parents

The MathRise Learning Center® is an exceptional learning environment. It has allowed my daughter to push herself and learn at a much faster rate than traditional classroom instruction.The instructors are great and willing to patiently work with students.
My daughter is performing three grade levels above her regular school math instruction and I highly recommend MathRise Learning Center® for any child.

Harold Davis – Parent

MathRise® has improved my son’s math skills by two entire grade levels! He is dividing and multiplying at the first grade level. While his skills improved, his confidence has soared.

The one-on-one-attention by Todd and Matt at MathRise® and the unique application of math skills has made all the difference.

Lyn Reid – Parent

As a parent it was my duty to find a solution to my 2nd grade daughter Taylor’s aversion to math. On a whim, we stopped into Mathrise Learning Center® and she did her assessment with Todd. Afterwards, he invited me back to speak with him about how he felt it best to proceed and help Taylor master her math. We signed up and so far have been to two sessions.

After the 1st appointment, I was able to go back and forth and see what they had done. My child, who was lacking self-confidence in math just that morning, instantly proclaimed that it was now her “favorite class ever”. He asked her to show me what they had done in that short 30 minute session and I was instantly amazed. She happily walked up to the white board and completed not only several intricate problems for her grade level, but most importantly, was exuding such happiness and pride in her new found confidence in math.

Then came session 2, and yet again I found myself tearing up with joy at how much she had learned and her ability to actually comprehend the material she was being given. Todd has an innate skill of relating with the children, and an endless amount of patience. Since Taylor talks ALOT, I hear all about how encouraging he is and all of the positive reinforcement he showers her with. She runs home to do her homework and show me all that she has learned.

My only regret is not having found this perfect solution for my daughter sooner. I recommend Mathrise® to absolutely everyone that will listen. We have a job as parents to give our child every advantage possible to let them grow and expand their horizons. Math is a fundamental part of life, and helping your child gain the confidence and excel at it, is a gift that every parent should want for their children.

Thank you for putting an even bigger smile on both our faces!

Jacqueline Levy – Parent

My daughter Brianna is 7 years old and is in grade 2. She has been a student of MathRise Learning Center® for 6 weeks and she loves it.

I have noticed a drastic improvement since she has been attending the program. Not only have her grades at school improved, so has regained her self-confidence in math. My daughter can now add and subtract with multiple numbers; she is also proficient in knowing most of her multiplication tables.

This program was introduced to me by an educator who praises the mathematical success of her children because of this program. I too have now joined the bandwagon! This school has turned me into a believer.

Sharon – Brianna’s Mom

Thank you so much for all of the great things you are teaching Zoey.

In one quarter at school, her math achievement went up twenty percentage points!

The strategies and extra help will make Zoey a star student in math for years to come.

Ms. Johnson

My 8 yr. old son Antonio is in the 2nd grade. He wasn’t grasping math concepts in his classroom. I kept driving past MathRise Learning Center®. One day I decided to call — I’m so glad that I did!
Antonio was only able to skip count by 2′s, 5′s, and 10′s. Now my son is able to skip count by all of the numbers up to 11′s. He now knows how to multiply and divide. in fact, he is now multiplying 2 digit numbers. Antonio will be introduced to long division in a couple of weeks. I am so proud of him! He now has self-confidence!

My son started at MathRise Learning Center® in October of 2009. In 2 months these instructors have helped Antonio achieve these accomplishments. He will continue to attend MathRise® to have self-confidence and stay ahead.

Very Grateful

Debra — Proud Parent

We would like to take the time to express our thanks and gratitude for the guidance you have given our son, Jaden.

When we first contacted you 2 months ago, our son was struggling to keep up his math grade and was falling more behind each week. He was frustrated and losing confidence in himself and his ability to keep up with his classmates. Homework was defeating and a real chore. Sometimes, we would find ourselves sitting at the kitchen table for 2 hours trying to get his homework completed.

Even with a year of MARS mathematics tutoring during his second grade year at school, he just couldn’t seem to grasp on to basic math concepts.

After just 2 sessions with you, he showed remarkable improvement. He began understanding that he needs to know the basics before he can move on to division, fractions, etc. I, too, was learning along with him as I also struggled in math for my entire school career. We practiced our tables together, in the car, out for a walk, or just while at the dinner table for as little as ten minutes a day. His confidence increased and we no longer are at the table for two hours doing math homework, we have cut that down to less than 30 minutes. He is actually happy after he finishes, instead of exhausted and frustrated.

Your concept, knowledge, patience, and caring for your students reflects in their achievements and attitudes. I will, and have been sharing our positive experience with MathRise Learning Center® with all of our friends who have school-age children.

Thank you again for giving my son his confidence back in an area that he felt very defeated in, and for giving us happier, less stressful afternoons.

Vicki — Parent

My husband and I are happy that we enrolled our kids at MathRise Learning Center®because we have seen a great improvement in their math scores in school.

They are becoming more comfortable with numbers and love to challenge themselves with more complex math.

Our thanks to MathRise leaning Center® tutors for their continued encouragement and mentorship to our kids.

Jr. & Ramon S.

It has been a great opportunity to have enrolled my daughters – Natasha and Nicolette – in MathRise Learning Center®.

They are learning so much that their respective teachers at school have noticed and commented on the great change in their knowledge of math.

Keep up the excellent work with students – they are our future scientists, physicians, and engineers.

A. Griffith – Parent

My son Dylan was really struggling with his math. His grades and frustration level had a really negative impact on both him and myself.

After 3 months with the extra tutoring help from your staff, my son Dylan has gone from marks at level 1 all the way up to level 4 (the highest level). He is more confident now and it (math) is more enjoyable for him.

Thank you for the success!

Tery R.

Two months ago our daughter Lily was failing math. My wife and I tried working with her, but she would get frustrated with us and we would be frustrated with her – nothing would be accomplished.

When we found MathRise®, we thought it would be too expensive. We made an appointment anyway and we were so happy to find out that your rates were much less than we expected.

Lily has been going to MathRise® weekly for the last two months. Last week we had conferences at school and were excited to find out that our daughter’s math grade went from an “F” to a solid “A” in a very short period of time.

The instructors at MathRise Learning Center were able to pinpoint where our daughter was struggling and start from there. Your system really works! Thank you so much!

J. Ruelas – Parent


Thanks MathRise® – You’re Awesome!

Bailey has enjoyed the personalized attention she received with reading all summer. We saw huge growth with her ability and know we will be sending a confident 1st grader to school this year.

Landis Elliot – Parent

PS – See you next summer!