Children with strong reading skills often enjoy a more successful academic experience.

When you help your child become a better, more confident reader, you’re also setting a foundation that can help them succeed in almost every subject.

MathRise® Learning Centers provide your child with an individualized reading program designed to improve key skills needed for academic success. Our goal is to ensure that students are not only able to read at a proficient grade level, but can also answer critical thinking questions with ease both verbally and with written response.

The MathRise® Reading Assessment Process

Your pre-k to 7th grade child will take our in-depth age specific assessment which is aligned to target common learning goals. This assessment incorporates both state and common core standards with the goal of measuring benchmark strengths and weaknesses in your child’s reading skills, including: writing, grammar, phonics, and critical thinking.

Benefits of the MathRise® Reading Program

The MathRise® Reading program builds incrementally to develop students’ reading proficiency.  Each targeted lesson covers specific concepts designed to expand vocabulary, enhance reading and writing ability and overall comprehension.

Key features include:

  • Books correlated to both state and common core standards.
  • 27 reading proficiency levels – each level builds upon the skills of the previous level – creates a large library of many different types of books from fiction, non-fiction, biography, fantasy, and informational text.
  • Phonics based learning that develops fluency and the ability to read smoothly.
  • Graphic organizers aid in students’ recall and ability to categorize, compare, and sequence information.
  • Vocabulary lessons increase academic and topic language skills.
  • Cyclic grammar skills are built into the curriculum to teach, re-teach, and review core concepts taught within the classroom.

Focused curriculum:

  • Improves student reading comprehension and fluency
  • Enhances student ability to recall information from within a story
  • Improves student ability to predict information based on background knowledge
  • Assists in comprehension of new words based on vocabulary skills and context clues
  • Builds the ability to to answer critical thinking questions (character analysis, inferencing, sequencing, cause/effect, author’s purpose, as well as main ideas and details)