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High School Tutoring and beyond

Is your child’s math homework taking hours to complete?

MathRise® instructors are here to help your high school student raise their grades and prepare for the big tests. We offer one-on-one math tutoring and homework assistance programs for high school and college curriculums.

Many of our teachers live in the local community and work in local schools. MathRise® instructors know that from school to school, even from classroom to classroom, the way students are being taught to solve advanced math problems can differ greatly.

We’ll make sure your student understands each concept before moving on to the next one. You’re teenager will build confidence and gain the skills necessary to tackle the challenges of advanced math.

MathRise® High School Math Programs

Algebra 1 – Algebra 1 is the foundational course to prepare students for all subsequent mathematics courses. Topics in Algebra 1 typically include the properties of real numbers, equations and inequalities, polynomials and rational expressions, factoring, functions and graphing, and problem solving.

Algebra 2 – Algebra II extends the content of Algebra I and further develops the concept of functions. Topics typically include: (1) relations, functions, equations and inequalities; (2) conic sections; (3) polynomials; (4) algebraic fractions; (5) logarithmic and exponential functions; (6) sequences and series; and (7) counting principles and probability.

Geometry- Geometry includes the study of angles, parallel lines, congruent and similar triangles, rectilinear figures, polygons, circles and arcs, and the Pythagorean Theorem. Other topics covered are coordinate and spatial geometry, introductory trigonometry, and constructions and loci. Basic problem solving also serves to review Algebra. The process of “proving” theorems is also introduced.

Trigonometry – Trigonometry students use their understanding of Algebra and Geometry to gain a deeper understanding of nonlinear functions, exponential & logarithmic functions, trigonometric functions, equations, and identities.

Pre-calculus – Pre-Calculus is the study of basic functions; identity, quadratic, cubic, rational, square root, exponential, logarithmic, trigonometric, absolute value, piecewise, and logistic functions.

Physics – Physics is a science that describes the entire physical world using only a few fundamental concepts. The goal is to prepare students with above-average interest and ability in science for first year college physics. Courses are designed to develop expert problem-solving skills and reinforce the application of mathematics skills. Topics typically include measurement, kinematics, dynamics, energy, universal gravitation, formation of the solar system, heat, light, electricity, basic electronics, and magnetism.

Calculus – Calculus ties together all of the mathematical skills learned in Algebra and Geometry and proves many of the theorems and formulas that were discovered and used in these courses. A typical calculus course covers functions including parametric, polar, vector representations, graphs, derivatives and their applications, differentials, limits, integrals and their applications, differential equations, and infinite series.

SAT prep – SAT Test Prep covers all aspects of the test including strategies for math, verbal, and writing, as well as a thorough review of each question type that you will see on the SAT.

ACT prep – ACT Test Prep covers all aspects of the test including strategies for math, verbal, and writing, as well as a thorough review of each question type that you will see on the ACT.

In an article about why high school students fail Algebra, one author states:

“Trying to find a cure for the failing Algebra student is like attempting to discover a cure for cancer.”