Success Stories

What Parents Are Saying About MathRise® Learning Centers

MathRise® has improved my son’s math skills by two entire grade levels!
~ Lyn Reid – Proud Parent ~ 

I have now joined the bandwagon! This school has turned me into a believer.
~ Sharon Delorme – Proud Mom ~

MathRise® Learning Center is an exceptional learning environment.  It has allowed my daughter to push herself and learn at a much faster rate than traditional classroom instruction.
~ Harold Davis – Proud Parent ~ 

Hi Todd:
I hope you get this.  Just wanted to let you know Desmond is doing really well in school.  Attached is his last report card. He was been coming home with these kinds of grades (They Are Straight A’s!)

Thank you so much for helping him with math.  We don’t have wars anymore with math.  He brings it home and my husband goes over with it just to make sure he is understanding of what he is doing.

He often talks about MathRise® and he misses it.  We told him that MathRise® is there if he needs it and to let us know when he is not understanding what is being taught.   I just wanted to let you know how he was doing.  Again, thank you so very much!

Take Care……Dan and Michelle

Here are just a few examples of the level of work that Young MathRise® Students are accomplishing:

Student Story (Mark*)

Mark*, turning 7 in a month, is adding and subtracting unlike fractions

Mark came to MathRise® in August 2013 at age 6. When he started, he had a hard time counting by 5s and adding single digit numbers. Mark, now turning 7, has been attending for 7 months, once per week (30 minutes) and can not only add and subtract complex numbers, he knows every skip count to 12s and can work successfully with fractions while attending first grade.


Student Story (Sarah*)

Sarah*, age 6, is writing complete sentences from verbally given sentences!

Sarah started at MathRise® in January, 2014. Halfway through her kindergarden school year, she was unable to identify many letters and was unable to read.  After only 1 month at MathRise® (eight half hour lessons) she knows every letter sound, can read decodable books on her own, and can even write complete sentences!

Student Story (Daniel*)

Daniel*, age 5 1/2, doing double digit subtraction

Daniel* started at MathRise® in June, 2012 before turning 4 years old.  Initially, he couldn’t even write all the numbers from 1 to 9.  Daniel, now age 5 1/2, has been attending MathRise® for 20 months (30 minutes per week) and can count by 10s, 11s, 5s, 100s, 50s, 1000s, 2s, 9s, 3s, and 4s. He can also add complex numbers, recognize up to 5 digit numbers, and is working on 2 digit subtraction.  Daniel also understands how to multiply numbers and even how to identify fractions, all the while he attends kindergarten at his local elementary school!

Student Story (Jenny*)

Jenny*, age 7, doing 3×3 multiplication

Jenny* came to MathRise® in October, 2013. When she started, she trouble counting by 2s and didn’t know how to multiply or divide numbers.  She also had no knowledge of money – she couldn’t even tell you how much a penny is worth!   Jenny is an eager learner with a great memory.   She has been attending MathRise® for a little over 4 months,  one hour per week, and is currently solving advanced number problems like “What is 5 more than a fifth of 20?”   Not bad for a second grader!


*All of the student stories featured above are real-life and based in fact.  The student pictured are not actors, they are real children who have found success at MathRise Learning Centers®.   To protect their identities, however, their names have been changed.