The MathRise® Difference

Welcome to MathRise® Learning Centers

Here at MathRise® our first priority is Education.  To ensure that our students receive the best possible instruction, we are committed to making sure our teachers are fully trained and ready to deliver the very best to our students.

We Are On A Mission

At MathRise® we are dedicated to giving students confidence in math and language arts through a true mastery of the basics.  Using our unique teaching methods, experienced and patient teachers guide students through lessons and teach math, reading, and writing one-on-one in a way that improves fundamental skills and overall confidence.  We teach to every child’s specific academic strengths and weaknesses. The goal is to create exceptional students equipped with the knowledge and confidence needed to succeed in life.

Who is MathRise®?

MathRise® isn’t like other tutoring companies. In fact, we don’t even consider ourselves tutors – we are teachers, mentors, and educators.   MathRise® is actually closer compared to a private school than a tutoring company. The average student at MathRise® spends only 30 minutes per week at MathRise® and achieves greater results than in 3+ hours of tutoring elsewhere. That sounds crazy (and certainly isn’t easy), but we have a great track record of making it happen.

What is the MathRise® method?

The MathRise® system is a unique curriculum which wires young minds with the power to identify and use patterns to solve problems faster than their peers, with better retention. This system truly builds a strong, solid foundation. By changing the way kids think, MathRise® students generally become better at all subjects, not just math. This confidence, self-esteem, and belief in themselves generally spills over into all aspects of their lives, including extra-curricular activities.

How does MathRise® do it?

The MathRise® system of learning is like no other.  MathRise® assessments pinpoint missing foundational skills and provide the place to begin teaching. MathRise® students are taught 1 on 1 and generally learn one to two new concepts every class.  Students must master each concept prior to moving forward in the curriculum. By targeting one to two new lessons, while reviewing important previous lessons, children can focus on new skills, master them, and progress forward quickly. MathRise® students gain confidence and self-esteem from consistent improvement, progress, and accomplishment which powers the development of great problem solving and critical thinking skills.