The MathRise® Method

We believe every child deserves the opportunity to reach their full potential.

At MathRise® Learning Centers, our expert instructors teach math and language the way they should be taught – Step by step, using a proven curriculum which provides quick results and consistent learning.

First, we assess your child to find their strengths and weaknesses, and to figure out their preferred method of learning. Next, we create an individualized, 1 on 1 learning program for your child.

Then, we rebuild your child’s pattern recognition skills, improve the techniques they use, and teach them how to confidently solve problems.

Throughout this process, their self-esteem, focus, and knowledge is guaranteed to soar!

Every lesson at MathRise® will accelerate your child on their journey to the top of their class. The MathRise® Method is simply the Most Effective Way to Learn!

Stop by your local MathRise® or call (623) 536-7679 to discover the difference that 1 on 1 education can make in your child’s life.