What is Skip counting?

Skip Counting is a powerful tool for learning multiplication tables and accelerating math learning.

Skip counting is a method of counting multiples, such as counting by 5′s, 10′s, or 2′s. At MathRise® Learning Centers, all of our students learn how to Skip Count their multiples. This greatly increases overall math confidence and number flexibility.

While nearly every school teaches their students to count by 5′s, 10′s and 2′s, they fail to understand the need to go further. At MathRise® Learning Centers, we teach all of our students how to Skip Count all useful multiples.

In fact, we have observed that the ability to Skip Count multiples is what generally separates strong and weak math students. Once your child learns their multiples, multiplication and division will be mastered easily and naturally. As a result, your child’s number ability and confidence soars!

Watch These Amazing Skipcounters!